Rotogravure Printing Machine.

Time cost savings

A paper bag machine, on the other hand, saves you a lot of time as they use sophisticated cutting and designing tools to create tailor-made bags to suit your requirements.


We understand that our clients’ tastes are different and that they would require different sizes of bags at different times. The blade and gear adjustments of our machine make the process of creating bags look very easy and simple.

High quality

Jenan Overseas Exports handmade paper bags may get damaged due to a slight human error at times. However, in the case of paper bag making machines, there is no chance of error at all as the settings are pre-set, and the process is 100% automatic.

Low maintenance

Paper bag machines run on electricity, but the good thing is that they don’t consume a lot of power. Also, our machines are very well-maintained; therefore, they don’t breakdown frequently. Most of the paper bag machines across the world use very good technology.

Rotogravure Printing Machine.

This comprises pneumatically operated impression roll with both side adjustment and a printing cylinder shaft fixed on anti-friction bearing housing. To maintain constant ink level with continuous circulation ink pump, this is positively driven by precision gear box and double reservoir ink tray. Pneumatically doctor blade assembly is installed to ensure equal pressure at all printing stations for optimum quality along with forward and reverse printing facility.

Unwind Station

Our machine comprises Unwind station with shaft along with Electronic Dyna Speed Tension Control. Moreover, this station is available with web guide system along with check nut and side movement systems.

Rewind Station

For mounting of the cardboard core, this includes a shaft made of alloy steel fitted with tapered CI cones. To ensure smooth rotation and easy handling, this shaft rests on the ball bearing assembly. For ensuring perfect and tight rewinding, a friction type clutch is provided to control the tension of different material.

Drying Unit

This unit includes a heavy duty blower of 1 HR capacity, which is equipped with 6 Kw heater boxes. Further, hot air is blown from various positions to ensure inter color and complete drying of inks at all speeds. The entire chamber is fitted with the glass wool.

Register Control

We design our machine to assure fine registration of multi color printing at all speeds. This is equipped with the necessary devices for the cross and length wise registration, while the machine is in operation.

Technical Specifications:

No. of colors 1 to 10
Web width 600 - 1200 mm
Unwind / rewind reel dia 800 /800 mm
Unwind / rewind core ID 76 & 152 mm
Range of cylinder circumference 350 - 700 mm
Dimension L/B/H (As per No. of colors)
Material to handle BOPR PET, PE, AL, FOIL PAPER etc.

Rotogravure Printing Machine

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