Hot Foil Stamping Attachment for Die Punching Machine

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There is No Need for extra machine for hot foil stamping.You just put this Hot Foil Stamping Attachment on Die Cutting Machine & You are ready for Hot Stamping.Saves your great Costs.Comes in Two Models, With Single Roll,With Double Pull , so you can have upto Two impressions at a time.

Hot Foil Stamping Attachment for Die Punching Machine

Hot Foil Stamping Machine Attachments :- Attachment of hot foil unit with Single Pull and Double Pull.

Heating Plate

Rewinding Unit :- Rewinding units are separate for each foils.

Jumpers :- Jumpers are designed with advanced technology to minimize wastage of foils.

Available Sizes

  • 15″ x 20″
  • 18″ x 24″
  • 22″ x 32″
  • 28″ x 40″
  • Time cost savings

    A paper bag machine, on the other hand, saves you a lot of time as they use sophisticated cutting and designing tools to create tailor-made bags to suit your requirements.


    We understand that our clients’ tastes are different and that they would require different sizes of bags at different times. The blade and gear adjustments of our machine make the process of creating bags look very easy and simple.

    High quality

    Jenan Overseas Exports handmade paper bags may get damaged due to a slight human error at times. However, in the case of paper bag making machines, there is no chance of error at all as the settings are pre-set, and the process is 100% automatic.

    Low maintenance

    Paper bag machines run on electricity, but the good thing is that they don’t consume a lot of power. Also, our machines are very well-maintained; therefore, they don’t breakdown frequently. Most of the paper bag machines across the world use very good technology.

    Hot Foil Stamping Attachment

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